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1st Edition Landlording on AutoPilot


Hey Mike,

First I want to tell you how much useful information I got from your books, I love the reasons you presented for investing in residential rather than apartment complexes! I got my forms and thank you so much for what you do to help landlords like myself all over the nation!

Patrick Rishel



Dear Mike,
I just received your forms.  WOW, thank you very much.  So nice to get something as promised and FOR NO COST!  Unheard of these days.
Your book has been a tremendous help to me also.  I refer to it often.  All of it is “my favorite” but if I had to have a “most favorite” it would be:  Little Rent Talk. 
Most all problems are due to lack of communication and having a procedure such as this can head off many un-communicated issues. 
I can’t wait to have my first “Little Rent Talk” with my new tenants next month.
Thanks again for the great service you’ve given me.

Gaynel Burch




Thanks, Mike, for creating such a helpful, no-nonsense guide to real estate investing and property management. You really have a straight to the point style that I enjoy, while Many authors are straddling the fence trying to appeal to everyone. Hey, it worked for you, so I’m sure it’ll work for me. Great job!  – Justin Mooney




5 Star Rating   “I own $100 million of real estate already, but I learned a lot from this guy!

Should be called Landlording StreetSmarts…great tips…

… I read many of the books that come out, and should be considered a real estate veteran, not a beginner, as I own over $100 million of real estate in the Midwest, mostly apartment communities. I bought the book because of the title…and really learned a lot from this author. I highly recommend this to ANY owner or potential owner..large or small…you’ll make back a thousand times what you paid for this book in the first year of running your own property!!!”

By James L. Stewart “JS in St. Louis” (St. Louis)


These Raving Reviews Are From Amazon Customer Reviews


5 Star Rating   “Terrific Book For Beginners and Veterans…

As a real estate veteran of 7 years, I found the book extremely helpful in guiding my transition from retailer to investor, wholesaler and renter. The bruises that come with mistakes are valuable lessons and Mike has laid many of them out. He tells why he likes certain things and why others he doesn’t. I value this info more than any since it is not what you don’t know that so often gets you into trouble but what you don’t know to ask.

I live in Louisville and have met Mike. He is true to his word and the story doesn’t change. Great guy, great book.”

      By James Bowman (Louisville KY)




5 Star Rating  “Beginner Landlords…

… Many thanks to Mike Butler for sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise in Landlording on Autopilot. Dave and I purchased our first single family, rental property in June 2006 and by implementing the processes we learned from Mike Butler’s book, we have enjoyed a great experience as beginner landlords, blessed with excellent tenants.

Yesterday, (Friday 13th) we put a contract on our second investment rental property!!

Cheers Mike!”

         By Dave and Jan
                Littleton Colorado


5 Star Rating  “Best Nitty Gritty Real Estate Book That I Have Ever Read…

… There are so many valuable little tips throughout the book that are priceless.

After I would read a page or two, I would call my REI buddys and tell them what I had just learned and we would discuss the great ideas in the book. (I learned quite a bit, and I have been an investor for a while)

If you own rental property, buy this book.”

By I. Buyers “MikeW” (Indiana)



5 Star Rating  “The nuts and bolts to put Rich Dad’s concepts to work!!!!

Like many people, I am a Rich Dad Poor Dad Kiyosaki junkie. However Rich Dad only teaches high level concepts with very few specific “what to do and how to do it” details. It’s not about apartments. It’s about houses. And this book gets down to each specific detail of how to buy, hold and manage single family homes. 100’s of them.

By M. Bernard (Tampa Bay, FL)



5 Star Rating “A complete book on Real Estate…

This is the best book on real estate of the 30-40 book I have purchased on real estate from Amazon. It tells you how to get started and gives many examples of what to do as well as what not to do.

The forms in the back of the book are worth more then the cost of the book.

You can tell from the examples in the book the Mike Butler has learned from his mistakes and

made systems to keep his bookkeeping and tenant records up to date and easy to use.”

By Ed Bancroft (Snoqualmie, WA)


5 Star Rating “The real world!

Wow, I have finished the book, and it was great! I will continually use it as a reference. There are so many small, valuable tips that I constantly refer back to it.

This book will save us a small fortune in the long run…It is a real world book from someone who went thru the growth without the knowledge on just how to do it…and what he would do differently if he had to do it all over again.

Advice like that, from a successful person is so valuable, it is like having a mentor with you 24-7!”

By R. Norris


5 Star Rating  “Great Book!

If you are a landlord or property manager, you want this book. This is the best book about landlording that I have ever read. ( and I have read about a dozen)”

By J. Gutman


5 Star Rating  “Nothing more needed…

This book will go from front to back explaining the full details of Landlording and great ways to protect yourself. Marketing is greatly explained as well. The best part is that Mike gives you all of his contracts that he uses. Just plug your own logo on it and sent it to your lawyer to finalize any missing items and you got the best contracts going for landlording.”

By T. Saad “T-bone” (OKC)


5 Star Rating  “Fantastic Book!

This should be your FIRST book to buy if you are serious about buying property. It is worth every penny and then some. It’s great to have someone who’s been there and done that write about their experience. Mike’s advice will save you from making beginner mistakes and point you in the right direction every time. His advice is sound and he brings up many items that the first-time rental property owner would never think of.

Mike also gives you websites where you can download free forms – ones’ which I never thought of before other than the standard Rental Agreement form.

This is a GREAT READ if you are just beginning in the rental property business!”

By A Serious Reader (St Petersburg FL)


5 Star Rating “Down-to-Earth Advice to a Landlord

Mike Butler’s first published book on landlording provides great advice to both new and seasoned landlords. The book gives practical advice to getting rents paid on time and regularly.

I’ve been following Mike’s landlording methods for a few years now and can definitely say that my rent collections have improved immensely since using his sytems.

The book gives FREE access to forms that other “gurus” would charge hundreds of dollars to get. The book also intersperes landlording advice with overall investing pearls of wisdom to keep the reading lively and interesting.

Since this ex-undercover detective has been so successful in the real estate investing world, it’s advice not to be ignored. I really enjoyed the book and remain a big fan.”

By Kathy Gerardy (Maryland)


5 Star Rating “Practical Blueprint

One of the parts of real estate investing entails landlording…but if you have no idea how to handle any and all parts of this management responsibility, it may stop you from getting involved.

This book is the best one I have read.

It sticks to the subject, provides all sorts of resources, including the all important forms and checklists, and deals with real life examples. I will let you find one of the very best secrets that helped me to understand how to handle complaints.

One other important issue with me was how practical is this information for a “foreign” reader.

Because I live in Canada, it is important for me to be able to use this information. It goes without saying, you must do your own due dillegence and consult your own legal and accounting team members. But it’s much easier to revise a document than to start from scratch. This has all the basics.”

By Internet Business owner “Internet Business owner”
(Maple Ridge, British Columbia)


5 Star Rating  “Great book!

All I can say is I wish I’d had the benefit of Mike Butler’s advice 25 years ago when I began my landlording career – if so then I would probably have been retired for the last 15 years instead of still struggling with real estate and tenant headaches.

This book does what no other real estate investing book I’ve ever read does: It gives you a plan.

For those of us who need step-by-step instruction as well as forms telling us what to say and how to say it, this book is a dream come true.

I bought this book less than a week ago and it has already paid for itself. It’s given me pointers as well as the confidence to ‘just do it’!

I now have a goal, a plan and the backbone to start making progress – something that thousands of $$$ in seminars, years of landlording and the attending of investment groups and meetings didn’t give me.

This is a business and Mike Butler showed me how to run it as such.

Thank you, Mike!!

Rosana Ladik

By Rosi (Missouri/California)


5 Star Rating “FORMS ARE FREE, PEOPLE (oh and really good book)

Just to cut through the chatter here, THE FORMS ARE FREE. So relax and settle the hyperventilating. Hell, don’t even buy the book and you can still get them free, right on his website, right now.

That said, it’s worth the under-twenty-bucks price for the book, even if just to cop a few killer attitudes.

I manage 6 units at the moment, and they are in lower end areas of town, not bad but not the best. The ones Mike describes as “cash flow kings” with the harder to deal with tenants.

Now, I don’t know about his (perhaps) higher-end tenants (if he has those, he’s a bit coy with his exact “constituent” makeup), but this kind of education, mentorship and even help for homeownership sort of training for these folks I suspect is going to be PERFECT for my kind of tenant.

Some might call it a bit patronizing, but he advocates taking a training and business-partnership route with tenants. Thus far I have been the “happy to help on-call repairman” guy, but I knew that was going to change sooner or later. Mike helped me clarify what to think, how to act, how to inform and how to be fair (a lot of the stuff he says is very fair, albeit less than we might be used to doing). His paradigm is very close to fully fair, I think.

Anyhow, with the forms included, this is a steal.

The book has some stuff that is superfluous, for example, he’s got 100’s of units, I have 6. I doubt I’ll be throwing parties for suppliers and providers any time soon, although I took the spirit of that and might be able to translate that into other lesser gestures of appreciation for my suppliers.

For example. So none if it is UNhelpful.

I enjoyed this book and I derived a valuable benefit from it and would recommend it to any landlord…no wait, PROPERTY MANAGER.

By M. M. Jackson (St. Petersburg, FL United States)



5 Star Rating “A must have – particularly great for beginners

My wife and I recently acquired our first property and I immediately purchased books (with good Amazon reviews of course) to help educate myself.

This book has given me great advice for our single property, but I can see how valuable the practical “real world” experiences of the author would (maybe will?) be for the larger investor who wants to establish rentals as a business.

I would highly recommend this for any first time landlords (but don’t call yourself that if you can help it!) 🙂

By P. Anthoney (St. Charles, IL United States)


5 Star Rating “Landlording on Autopilot

Excellent reference with some great ideas about managing rental properties. Mike’s book has some great information that you will not find in other rental management books. I use it extensively.

By IBMally “IBMally”


5 Star Rating “GREAT BOOK!

An absolute must have book for real estate investors. Details all areas of the tenant/landlord relationship in a precise and easy to follow format.”

By B. Jeffries (Columbiana, Ohio USA)


5 Star Rating “Great all around picture

As aa intermediate investor Mike has done a supurb job in common sense form all the aspects about managing rental properties. If you are only going to purchase one book on the subject this is the book to have.

Thanks Mike for heading off unforseen headaches in my business.

By Laurence G. Watson Jr. (colfax, nc United States)


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