Check out this just in time for Turkey Day and cold weather checklist.

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Dan’s Get Ready Now Checklist BEFORE Cold Weather!

Happy Turkey Day! Cold weather will soon be falling on us and here is a checklist to help keep your heat bills down this winter and make your home warmer and safer for you and your family.  Planning ahead will save you money and frustration.  Remember, any preventable damage (such as freezing pipes) is your responsibility.


□    Check and close all the vents to the crawl space under your home.

□    Unhook and disconnect your garden hose. Make sure the faucet is turned off and wrap an old thick sock around it.

□    Know exactly where your main water shut off valve is located. If you are unsure, please call the office 502.896.2595

□    Check to insure your caulking around your outside windows and any weather-stripping around door frames are still in place to stop cold air. In extreme cold weather, a rolled up bath towel placed at the bottom of the door helps tremendously.

□    Don’t forget to close your storm windows.

□    Make sure your storm door chains are attached. This prevents strong winds from blowing your door off and damaging your door.

□    Keep your gutters and downspouts cleaned out. If they are clogged with the leaves and debris, the water runoff will back up and  over flow into your home over the ceilings and walls causing a huge mess and damages galore. This is very important when snow and ice is on your roof. If you gutters are not cleaned out… you know what will happen.


□    Make sure your inside temperature of your home never goes below 50 degrees, even when you are not home.

□    You can prevent your water lines from freezing when the temperature forecast drops below freezing by:

__ Open your base cabinet doors underneath sinks allowing warm air to access your pipes.

__ In extreme cold weather, turn your faucets on very slowly allowing the smallest possible stream (just a little faster than     drips). This will prevent  your water lines from freezing. It may spike your water bill for a day or two, but this is a lot cheaper than frozen and busted pipes, not counting the inconvenience of no water and not being able to cook or take a shower or bath.

__Should pipes freeze, don’t use open flames or a torch to thaw your water lines.  This may catch your home on fire, or worse, create an explosion caused by expanding steam between two plugs of ice.

__  A regular electric hair dryer is the best.

__ If the pipe break is hot water line, close valve on the top of your water heater also.  A plumber may need to be called. 

□    Changing your heating/air filters monthly will make a big difference in lowering your heating bills.

□    Make sure your attic access door is in place properly. You should not see any visible cracks. Heat rises and will escape quickly through your attic access panels if not closed properly.

□    If you have a fireplace or wood stove, make sure the damper is closed properly. Without your damper closed tightly, your fireplace will act as a giant vacuum cleaner sucking out all of your heat while increasing your heating bill. If you use your fireplace, it must be cleaned each year.  Chimney fires are common if this is not done.  Call a professional who can do a complete job and also check the safety of your chimney.

□    Always Test your smoke alarm(s) every month.  There are more fires in the winter, and your smoke alarms are your best lifesaver.  If your smoke alarm is missing or doesn’t work, please call your office. This is very important for your family’s safety.

□    Give serious thought to buying a small fire extinguisher for your kitchen and garage.

□    Your effort will help make sure your home is kept as warm and as safe as possible during upcoming winter months.


Happy Turkey Day!