Brad Grayson

Click to View Brad’s 7 minute Video Tour of One of His Properties

Now You Can Too with Brad’s

Brain Dead Simple CHEAP Video System

does not include your cell phone
+$7.49 +$26.99

ALL for

Only $133.48

Everything You Need to Make Great Videos




Always Cheaper to Buy In Bulk – Why NOT Add 2 or 3 more Lights

– Teach One or more of Your Staff to Do The Videos for You!

– Imagine having 2 or 3 folks who can use their cell phones with Brad’s system to create videos for your business


Make Your Videos Even Better with these Add-Ons!
add a “wide angle” lens is a must for making awesome videos of interior of your homes




Brad Grayson made his Brain Dead Simple Video in 7 minutes!

Click to View Brad’s 7 minute Video

Brad’s 5 Simple Steps

STEP 1:  PREP Your Unit

  • CLOSE Toilet Lid
  • PARK Your Vehicle Next Door on Street – NO Vehicles in Driveway
  • CLOSE All Window Blinds

STEP 2: Create Your Video using Brad’s Brain Dead Simple Video System

STEP 3: Connect Your Cell Phone to your Computer or Laptop

  • download your video to your computer / laptop

STEP 4: UPLOAD Your Video to YouTube

STEP 5: Copy and Paste Embed Code into Your FREE Investor OnCarrot website!