Napkin Blueprint from Chinese RestaurantYou got to read this! it takes only 2 minutes

Yesterday, I had an early dinner (4:15pm) at the August Moon upscale chinese restaurant, but first…

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Ok, here is what happened, blow by blow.

Beth and I were the only customers dining t this time… and then somebody screamed my name across the room. ( at first, I thought it was one of the dirtbags I sent to prison years ago)

Actually it was one of their managers who was super excited to see me! He had been to one of my LIVE investor training events and he got me cornered to ask me questions about the real estate investing business.

His excitement was contagious.
He got me fired up too and my wok-seared salmon with snow peas was ignored..

In a few short minutes, he told me his life’s story and the bottom line was this…

He was foaming at the mouth to get started in real estate, but said he could not until he gets his credit repaired.

My mind EXPLODED!!!!

I proceeded to tell him you do not need good credit to buy real estate.

Then he said, “I do not have cash either”

This guy gave me a HUGE revelation.

This guy is hungry, he is FIRED Up, and wants
to do good for himself, his wife, and his kids…
but, somewhere, somehow, he got hooked into
honestly believing he can not be an investor until these are fixed.

So he sat down and Beth ate her melt-in-your-mouth
mahi-mahi dish while watching this exciting moment happen.

Get this, I asked him for a “To Go” paper napkin  (they had linen napkins)
and i proceeded to scribble down a battle plan for his success with, what he thought, his unique situation…

His face started glowing and you could see from his facial expressions, his body language, that his low self esteem had transformed into a feeling of euphoria!

Then Beth asked me this morning… after showing me this napkin she saved, “Mike, why don’t you do a special webinar on your Chinese Dinner Paper Napkin Blueprint for Buying without Money, Banks, Credit, or Private Lenders?”

I told her I am just too busy right now (sound familiar?) Then she said, “Guess What? So is Everybody Else! This is what you solved on your Chinese napkin.. Look here.” She jerked my chain, and now I am writing you this email.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley… mark your calendar now and join me Thursday evening, tonite.

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I was pretty impressed myself with this one.

Make sure you join me for this one I promise, you too, will feel exactly like the August Moon manager.

See you on this new webinar

To Your Continued $uccess!

Mike Butler