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Short Message from Eric Richardson


My name is Eric Richardson. Let me share with you what Mike Butler has put together for me and you. A little over a year ago, I met Mike Butler after surviving a battle with cancer and strokes. Thank goodness for U.S. Veterans health benefits or I would not be writing to you now.

When I met Mike back then and first learned of his achievements and success in real estate, I must admit I had my doubts about him having purchased hundreds of his rental properties without ever having gone to a bank to ask permission along with being featured in Money magazine, having authored #1 Best Seller Business Book on Amazon “Landlording On AutoPilot” and all of the other incredible success stories.

At that time, you must understand I knew absolutely nothing about investing in real estate. All of this sounded a bit much. Being skeptical, I began doing some homework on Mike Butler only to discover all of this and more was absolutely true. It sure blew me away the way Mike carries himself and talks to folks. I met this guy having a beer at Hooters. For almost a year, i sat back and watched Mike Butler in action.

A couple of months ago or so, Mike offered me an opportunity to join his team to help his investor students all over the world. Holy Cow Batman! I quickly learned first hand how Mike Butler’s training has changed the lives of many, many investors. Many are millionaires today!

I have attended every one of his live training webinars, traveled to Chicago to assist Mike with a monthly meeting training session and a Saturday workshop with Jane Garvey’s CCIA REIA group, along with attending monthly KREIA meetings here in Louisville.

During on his training sessions, Mike asked “What would your life be like with 20 nice rental houses paid for?” You and I both know this answer. What was even more amazing is even the burned out landlords even said “Life would be Great!”

My fuse was lit!  I wanted 20 nice rental houses paid for and I wanted to do it ASAP, but i do not know where or how to start. Mike assured me we can do this without going to a bank to ask permission to buy.

Then Mike dropped a HUGE BOMB in my lap. One of his webinars featured Carl Fischer of on how to use your self directed ROTH IRA to buy investment property. I have never really studied anything about financial planning for my future or pensions, etc. and now it is obvious I should have learned about this stuff.

Mike asked my age and I told him I was 60 years old. He told me EVERY Real Estate Deal I Do Should Be In My Self Directed ROTH IRA. Why? Because it gives me Tax Free Profit and Income for Life!

I have been pestering Mike Butler ever since, especially since I am engaged to a wonderful Wendy and I want to have these 20 puppies paid for as quickly as possible. 

Here is what Mike put together for me (and you). He told me he was very busy and honestly, it would be difficult to do one on one mentoring with me. Then he offered a solution and he said “Eric, round up 9 serious investors to make a small intimate class and I will train all of you at the same time. This will make it very affordable for you and puts a few coins in my pocket as well.”

Your Inner Circle Membership 8 week training program is for qualified investors only:

– Required Material (your books) for Inner Circle Mentoring Program Study Guide and WorkBook

– Review SIX mp4 videos – approx 60 minutes each

– Week 1 -three webinars, Tues, Wed, Thurs, at 8:30pm eastern with Q&A and homework

– Week 2 thru 6 – conference call to wrap up previous week and weekly webinar, both with Q&A 


I am looking forward to you sitting  next to me as Mike shows up the ropes and insider secrets to his success.

Eric Richardson


 Click Here To See If You Qualify

SeeIfYouQualify2(nothing to buy, no credit card needed to see if you qualify)

Only 9 Seats Available Next to Eric

Upon enrollment and payment received…

2.)  You will receive an Inner Circle Member Package

3.)  You must completely review your six mp4 videos BEFORE training begins on April 15


What To Expect…

  • 8 weeks of personal coaching (limited to a maximum of 10 participants)

  • REQUIRED – You MUST review Six mp4 videos approximately 60 minutes each

  • April 15 – Kickoff Webinar and Get To Know Each Other

  • Weekly Webinars Tuesdays, 8:30pm eastern

  • Private weekly 1-on-1 call with Mike (30 min)

  • Weekly group conference calls (90 minute)

    • Thursdays, 8:30pm eastern

  • Weekly accountability webinars focused on investing disciplines

    • Week 1: Tues, Wed, Thurs Webinars 8:30pm – Day 1

    • Week 2: Tues, Thursday Webinars 8:30pm – Marketing and Negotiations

    • Week 3: Tues, What to Target – Exit Strategy – WholeTail

    • Week 4: Tues, Identifying Motivated Sellers

    • Week 5: Tues, How To Structure Offers with Exit Strategies

    • Week 6: Tues, Closing Your Purchase & Wholesale, WholeTail

    • Week 7: Tues, Working Your Deals

    • Week 8: Tues, Review Results

You’ll Also Receive…

  • Unlimited email access to Mike during 8 week training

  • All Forms to Buy

  • Inner Circle Alumni Exclusive Discounts

  • Preferred rates for future coaching sessions

  • Automatic Enrollment in Mike Butler’s Affiliate Program

What To Prepare For

  • Submitting  your application

  • Personal  interview with Mike Butler

Other Tips

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  2. Get caught up on current industry issues



Click Here To See If You Qualify

(nothing to buy, no credit card needed to see if you qualify)

Only 9 Seats Available Next to Eric


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