Attention Landlords and Property Managers

In my neck of the woods, we are having record setting extreme cold temperature that seem to keep lingering on and on. In the past, we are use to having a spike for a day or two and then warm weather returns.

This year, right now, Alaska is warmer than my hometown here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Frozen pipes can be a devastating blow to your wallet and bank account, especially when it seems to never leave.

Keep in mind, in my “Landlording On AutoPilot” system, we send a Resident Newsletter with each monthly billing of rent to our residents. Plenty of winter cold weather tips are always in each newsletter before the season hits us.

This year is different. It feels like we are living in the arctic or Siberia. In an effort to try to keep plumbing cost down, I created this email to send to all of our current residents.

Please note, I understand not every resident will follow these instructions, but if one resident does follow these instructions you have save money, time, and grief.


Here is the email. Feel free to steal and paste (copy and paste) to send to your residents (tenants).

Subject: “WARNING! How to Prevent Frozen Pipes and Headaches!


EXTREME COLD is happening and TONITE!


TIP: How to keep your pipes from freezing

  1. Turn on faucets allowing them to run a faster than a drip.. a very slow stream -, BOTH Hot and Cold,

  2. OPEN The Cabinet Doors BELOW All of your sinks, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

  3. Turn up your thermostat now to get a head start before below zero temps arrive.

  4. Laundry Room – Washer, dryer – if your washer and dryer is against an outside wall, please unscrew you hot and cold water hoses from your washer and place them in your washer (the same place you place clothes) and let the hoses just dangle in there. Turn on both hot and cold washer lines to a very slow stream.

  5. if you feel like these are not working, you can always add a hair dryer to blow warm air under your sinks, or on the faucets in your laundry room

  6. If your home is built on a crawl space, take cardboard and cover all of your vents in your foundation. (remember this was in your newsletter in the fall)

  7. If you have a basement, carefully check all of the exterior walls looking for sunlight shining thru cracks where foundation meets the wall and especially where things are poked through the outside wall. This would things for your central air conditioning system, dryers vents, and more Plugging up all of these holes will save you money and prevent headaches..

Please Keep in Mind, this extreme cold weather is causing havoc with folks who are not prepared.

You can now be prepared and doing these simple little tips, you can save yourself a ton of headaches, grief, and inconvenience and money.

Stay Warm More Tips:

  • front and rear doors: roll up bath towels and place snugly against the bottom of each door.

  • while at home, get a big pot and fill with water. turn your stove on low to heat the water without a lid on the pot, you will get moisture and raise the humidity in your home. CAUTION: You MUST Turn OFF Your Stove if you leave your home for anything. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • SPACE HEATERS: Use extreme caution when using space heaters. A spike in home fires happen every year from improper use of space heaters during cold weather.

  1. NEVER Use an extension cord with a space heater. ALWAYS plug directly into wall outlet

  2. NEVER Allow electric cords of any kind to be bunched up in a pile or circled on top of each other. This causes them to overheat and causes most fires in cold weather.

  3. ALWAYS UNPLUG electric space heaters when sleeping and when you are not at home.

Remember, it is not fun having no water, water all over your home, and the headache and mess of dealing with it and cleaning up everything. Please take action on these tips to save yourself money, grief, headache and major inconvenience

If you have any questions, please visit our website 24 hours day at or call the office at 502-896-2595



Office Manager

Vista Properties, Inc.s