September 21 – 23, 2018

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 3 Day LIVE Investor Training Boot Camp

How To Buy Without Banks,

Money, Credit, Private Lenders or Partners!

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Louisville, KY at WILDWOOD Country Club

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What Would Your Life Be Like…

If You Could Buy Real Estate Without Banks, without Money, Credit, Private Lenders, or Partners
and Buy Anytime You Want?

Imagine Getting a 0% Interest Fixed Rate Loan When You Buy!

& Getting FREE & Clear Houses When You Buy!

You already know there are more deals in the market than ever before, but your hands are tied and you can not grab the huge chunks of cash, wealth, and profit because banks will not loan you or any other investor any money!

NEVER Again Will You Bow Down to a Banker and Beg For Permission to Buy An Investment Property!

Right NOW Is The Time For You To Buy Killer Deals!

Until Now, You thought you had to have cash to buy these deals…
This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the nation’s expert how to buy real estate without banks, money, credit, hard money or private lenders!  Mike Butler has NEVER gone to a bank to buy an investment property

Not Only Will You Learn How To Buy Without Banks, but you will also get the insider secrets how to get houses “free and clear” when you buy!

You will learn how the “R” type of motivated sellers will actually give you houses and real estate for absolutely FREE!

REPEAT: Mike Butler has NEVER Gone To A Bank
To Buy An Investment Property!
So many investors are chasing foreclosures and short sales, like all of the hounds chasing one fox. When you are running in the pack, you have to be the fastest and luckiest to win. Stop chasing foreclosures… it is too much work.

Just imagine “walking” at your leisure and “cherry picking” killer deals that the hounds run by and can not see or smell. That’s right, there are so many deals other than foreclosures and short sales, you literally get to pick and choose your best deals.

Now don’t take this the wrong way. I am not saying foreclosures and short sales are bad, they just take too much time, too much effort while leaving you at the mercy of the lender and/or the court system. It’s okay to work up a foreclosure deal or short sale occasionally, but do not put all of your eggs in one basket and focus on them.

There are so many deals in the market today, but only for the super sharp investor, like you, who know exactly how to master the art of the deal making process. This is exactly what you will learn in the incredible 3 day LIVE training event.

Picture yourself Monday morning being able to see every new opportunity with a new set of glasses allowing you to see double, triple, or more profit opportunity when a motivated seller contacts you.

It will make your life so much easier while you are achieving financial freedom faster.

This your golden opportunity to be included in the new wave of brand new multi-millionaires created because of this real estate market.

Class Size Is Limited and very small because this is how you learn best. Getting cramped in a huge hotel room with several hundred other investors makes for a harder environment to learn.

In addition to the “Hands On” Training making real deals with real sellers, you also get:

  • —complete manual and workbook for easy reference when you get home.

  • comprehensive set of fill-in-the-blank forms including the 0% fixed interest rate loans

  • not one, but two… one on one deal analysis and review certificates where Mike Butler will review your pending offer or deal with you.

  • Go Anywhere, Do a Deal Anytime Investor Buying Toolbox to keep loaded and ready to go in your car, truck, or any vehicle you travel in.

  • Marketing templates to drive motivated sellers to you 24 hrs day / 7 days week including scripts, letters, post cards and emails that work.

Here’s a few Short Videos from Day 2 House Buying Tour

First House on Day 2 House Buying Tour

More Training on What to Look For In The Neighborhood

Jamie Asks Mike
“Will This House Rent as a 2 Bedroom or 3 Bedroom on Section 8?”

Mike explains a neighborhood unique characteristics

What About Bars Already On Windows and Doors
if you want to make it a rental property?

This Boot Camp Will Sell Out!

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Check Out These Comments From Millionaires and Future Millionaires!

Rod Owens results below are NOT typical – you control your results
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How You Will Benefit:

Check Mark Blue  7 Power Phrases To ID A Motivated Seller in 90 seconds or less You will learn how these amazing simple, but proven money makers work over and over. You will find yourself using these Power Phrases every day! Everything from your next dinner in a restaurant to retail stores and every new real estate deal.

Check Mark Blue  3 Master Negotiation Techniques giving you the power to “create your own deals other investors can not see!” You will get Mike’s PROVEN negotiation secrets and how to use them properly to double and triple your profits on your deals. From cold calling fsbo ads to face to face deal structuring with your seller or even a real estate agent.

Check Mark Blue You will know exactly how to Create An Offer within 10 minutes of viewing a property. That’s right! You will learn it, see it in action, and do it yourself! You will know exactly how to quickly pre-screen a property, walk thru and inspect the property and create your offer – all within 10 minutes and while sitting in the driveway.

Time is your most valuable resource... you will discover how to be an efficient transaction engineer to avoid the fatal paralysis of analysis syndrome.

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What You Will Learn:  

Check Mark Blue  How To Estimate Repairs at Lightning Speed! Never again will you get stuck in the paralysis of analysis mode.

Check Mark Blue How to Take Control of Your 5 Major Fears Preventing You From Making Deals! These 5 Fear Factors have kept you in your cold, dark dungeon. After these 3 days, you will know how to control your fear factors, keep them in check, proving to yourself you can do deals… as many as you want!

Check Mark Blue The Executive Luxury Coach House Buying Tour allows you to roll up your sleeves, look at real houses and make real offers! No hype or theory on these deals. Real Houses, Real Deals, these will get your attention when YOU are making the offers. But Mike,… what if I don’t want to buy a house in Louisville?   No problem.. you can simply wholesale to me or another fellow investor… for a good chunk of profit.. wholesale it right in the classroom. It has happened before.

Check Mark Blue 26 Effective Marketing Techniques to Drive Motivated Sellers to You and most are absolutely FREE! Everything from your business card to your interactive website and you will get the secrets on how to get on the first page of Google for your town.

 Check Mark Blue Easy and Simple Quiz to Pre-Screen Contractors. Never again will you feel like you have been bam-boozled by contractors. Now you can quiz them with 5 simple questions where you will get them to reduce their rates by 50% or more and it’s all done on the phone without leaving your home or office.

Check Mark Blue Tips to Avoid the Painful and Expensive School of Hard Knocks and Mistakes I Have Made will save you tons of cash, headaches, sleep and more. Life is a lot better and your investing business is better when you have the blueprint of what to avoid.


Here’s what you get:

– Get Comprehensive Work Book, Manual, Study Guide

– Forms in Your Manual and on your Credit Card Size USB Flash Drive

– Investor Buying Kit – pre-loaded and ready to go – do a deal, anywhere, anytime

– Negotiation Cheat Sheet and Daily Exercise Checklist

– 1 on 1 Deal Analysis Review on your next deal



Friday – Day 1 – all class room

  • Identify and Expand Your Comfort Zone

  • How to Identify Motivated Sellers

  • Marketing – How to Drive Sellers to You

  • Run with Business with Next to No Competition

  • Mike will show you his “6 Powerful Exit Strategies” (not the 3 exit strategies others teach)

  • Master Negotiator Cheat Sheet to use and practice every day

  • Power Phrases to use and see others with “Kiss of Death”

  • Follow Up – 41% of Mike’s deals are in follow up

  • How to Create Offers Sellers Can Not Refuse

  • Identify what properties to target and those to avoid

  • Bring Your Prospective Leads from Your Town and Mike will call them during class for all to see and listen.

  • Together, we will search and select properties to view for Saturday morning


Saturday –  Day 2

8:15 am All Aboard Luxury Executive Coach for House Buying Tour

  • do NOT wear your good Sunday go to church clothes

  • Dress comfortable

  • NO Legal Pads, Man Purses, brief cases, or wheelbarrows allowed

  • Here’s What You Will Bring With You, No More, No Less:

    • 6 Mini-P.I.S. Cards

    • Your Cell Phone with camera for photo and Calculator App

    • 2 ink penss

  • 1st house, Mike will take 45 minutes to walk through and “Think Out Loud” sharing what he sees and why it is important. repairs, floor plan, style, age, and more

  • You will be assigned to 3-4 person group, and together, your group will make real offers and a group spokesperson will present your offers to class.

  • Goal: you will be able to confidently walk thru a house and make an offer in 10 minutes or less, along with having a built in follow up system in place.

  1. LUNCH is on Mike! network, share experiences, ideas, and your offers.

    • Return to Classroom to Write Up Real Offers on Real Houses for Sale

    • Don’t worry, Mike is not trying to sell you houses in Louisville.

    • If your offer is accepted, you could “Assign it” or “wholesale it” to one of your classmates to pick up a quick few thousand buck-a-roos.

  2. 8pm Office Tour and Cocktail Party

    • Board the Hotel Shuttle for a quick ride to Mike’s real estate office.

    • Mike will give you a personal tour of his offices and show you how to set your office up – files, folders, cabinets, etc.

    • Mike’s Office Manager and Maintenance Supervisor will answer all of your questions from how to use door locks and keys, to rehabbing tips, work orders, and more.

    • HOMEWORK – please bring one good joke to share.

Sunday – Day 3

  • while waiting for replies to offers… we will cover
    • Deal Analysis Reviews

    • Independent Contractors

    • Insurance Do’s and Don’ts

    • ROTH IRA for Tax Free Profit and Income for Life


Today, Tiffany has 24 rental properties! (in 18 months)

Advance Priority Registration How to Buy Without Banks
Here’s The Money Magazine Article Featuring Dr. David Coffey!
Advance Priority Registration for How To Buy Without Banks
use promo code: “3daybwob”


  More of What You Will Learn:  

Check Mark Blue How To Set Up Your Office File System, Bookkeeping and Accounting Systems
Now you can graduate from grocery sacks, shoe boxes, and piles of paper. Although not the most sexiest thing to learn about, it is by far, one of the most critical key components of making your business a success!

Check Mark Blue 3 Simple Basic Entity, Asset, and Privacy System
Many investors procrastinate on this one. You have worked so hard to build your empire, large or small. You Must use these simple basics to protect you and your family’s future.

Check Mark Blue Gaze Into Your Crystal Ball of Your Future Life Ahead: How to Keep It All In Control… Doing Deals, Cash Flow Management, Cash Flow Crisis and Having a Life! That’s right! Your life will change drastically when you begin to do deals generating chunks of cash while building your wealth and financial freedom.

Check Mark Blue Tax Free Profit will be used for your most profitable deals!  Discover how you can forecast and identify your best deals for even more profit and savings with Tax Free Profit! Successful investors have been using this secret wealth building resources for years. Now it is your turn!


Advance Priority Registration How To Buy Without Banks

More Benefits For You:  

Check Mark Blue How To Wholesale A Deal A Month To Cover Your Bills. You will get to meet a couple of Mike’s Inner Circle members who have mastered two simple wholesaling techniques for today’s market.

Check Mark Blue Why Is “Dealer Status” So Important? You will learn why you never want to get flagged as a “Dealer” and the importance of this designation.

Check Mark Blue FORMS: You will get all of the forms and scripts with specific powerful phrases and clauses to use in your offers to buy real estate without banks, money, or credit.

Check Mark Blue Comprehensive Manual jammed packed full of the most current and effective systems for you to profit in today’s market.

Check Mark Blue Special After Dinner Session  showing you how to turn on extra streams of extra income and most are free.

Advance Priority Registration How To Buy without Banks
Advance Priority Registration How to Buy Without Banks
use promo code: “3daybwob”registernow1
Add Your Partner or Spouse “Study Buddy” for an additional $497

A Short Message From Mike;

In a nutshell, this 3 day Boot Camp gives you absolutely everything I wished I would’ve known BEFORE I started investing.

I don’t know how else to let you know how powerful and life changing these proven strategies and techniques will work for your real estate business.

It does not matter if you have a full time job or you are a veteran seasoned old pro full time investor, these buying strategies and techniques will allow you to see deals you never saw before. You will never chase foreclosures or pursue those painful, time-consuming short sales.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing investors, just like these here, (and I am looking forward to your’s) share their success stories, not only to encourage you, but it really, truly makes me feel fantastic knowing the new found knowledge has made a difference in their life!

These are real people, in real towns, all across America who are taking action and building their wealth, achieving financial freedom faster and easier.

Mark Your Calendar Right Now.

Grab your Study Buddy, Your Education Partner right now.

Here’s is what you are going to get:

– Your Very Own Comprehensive Manual, workbook and study guide.

Forms CD with all of your buying forms, compliant disclosure forms, and more

– Scripts for Screening Motivated Sellers both for you calling them and when they call you.

– Many gurus get excited to show you how to get deals, but getting into a deal is the easy part. Learn how to look into your own Crystal Ball to see exactly what you can do and can not do with a property BEFORE you make your offer.

– Learn how you can turn on your “bottom feeder” cash cow wholesale machine to get returns over 100% on your investment. Why are giving any serious thought to 5%, 7%, or even 15% return on your money when you get 200% and more when you structure your deals the right way, just like Mike Butler.

YOU will sit right beside me and YOU will write a real offer on a real house to buy and do it in less than 10 minutes.

– I will hold your hand, even after your LIVE Training to help make sure you make the right offer because you also will get no one, but two “Deal Analysis Certificates” you can send to me anytime, 24-7.

You will get to see houses, smell houses, walk through and inspect houses from top to bottom. You will see both ugly and pretty houses and you will learn how to make offers on all types of houses in your own backyard.

Your success story and the killer deals you have done will be up here for our next event.

Your investor training will be Fun, Exciting, Simple, and Powerful!

If you need a “Refresher” on the course, you can attend any repeat using your Alumni Special Discount!

“I Double Dog Dare You!”

PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Bring your own classified ad, or a pending deal you are working on and I will make a “class project” out of your deal (with your permission). Together we will make the phone calls and put a deal together.


Advance Priority Registration
aka “Early Bird Registration”

Total Package $6,187
Only $997
Expires Midnight Sept 10 –  No Exceptions
use promo code: “3daybwob”
Add Your Partner or Spouse “Study Buddy” for an additional $497

Check Mark Blue Bring a Guest or Your “Study Buddy” for Only $497 You must register your Study Buddy at the time you register.  ($1,997 Value)

Check Mark Blue  Tax Free Profit & Income For Life!  online home training system. 6 training session videos plus saturday seminar video ($897 Value)

Check Mark Blue  Not One, But TWO Deal Analysis Certificates You will get TWO Deal Analysis Certificates to fax or email your Property Information Sheet on any deal and you will work together with Mike Butler, one on one, to create your best offer along with what you will and can do with the property you submitted. Investors all over America have put a value on this one service as “Priceless” and you will get 2 of them! (Priceless)

Check Mark Blue One Full Year full member access to all of the articles, tips, How To Videos, and more at ($49 Value)

Check Mark Blue V.I.P. Invitation Only Admission to Office Tour and Party.You will get to visit Mike’s office and meet his office manager and his technical services superintendent for a no-holds barred Question and Answer Session along with an office tour with Mike. Mike will show you how to set up your office, your filing cabinets, folders, and amazingly simple phone system that works! ($1,000 value)

Check Mark Blue “Mike’s Investor’s Buying ToolBox” chock full of every form needed allowing you to do a deal anywhere and anytime. This is the exact same “Buyer’s Kit” Mike Butler carries to do deals for years and years.($1,295 value)

How To Buy Without Banks,

Money, Credit, Private Lenders or Partners!
3 Day Boot Camp LIVE Investor Training

Louisville, KY— A former Undercover Police Detective who invested 5 hours a week while working his full time job, has created a real estate business that consistently gives him over $1 million every year in rental income.

Mike Butler began his real estate investing career with about $1,000 in his savings account at the Louisville Police Officers Credit Union.

His first investment was a 2 bedroom HUD house in the Taylor Blvd. neighborhood by Churchill Downs. Mike took his young daughter Rachel to view this house before buying it.

Rachel says she will NEVER forget that obnoxious foul smell of feces and urine that was so bad she could smell it from the driveway. She warned her younger sister Melissa to never go with Dad to look at houses.

After he and his daughter viewed and smelled the HUD house for sale, Mike worked out his very unique strategy of buying without going to the bank, without using a hard money lender and without using a private lender.

What is so incredible about Mike Butler at this point, he had absolutely no professional training, no mentors, and no experts for advice. Mike had already been using his unique buying strategy for all of the four homes he purchased for his family residence.

After buying the 2 bedroom HUD house in need of repair, Mike rehabbed the house in 13 days after he got off work at his full time job as a police officer.

Mike Butler said his motivation began when he saw his fellow police officers retiring who could not live on their police pensions. He did not want this for his family.

While working on his first house an identical house across the street went up for sale. This was a pretty house ready to live in. Mike used his unique strategy again and purchased this house too.

He simply changed the door lock, placed a For Rent sign in the front yard and rented it within 3 days.

“This is too good to be true!”  says Mike and soon discovered the power of owning and renting real estate.

Mike said “As far as investing in rental houses, what else can you buy, have someone else pay for it, it puts money in your pocket every month, plus gives you huge tax benefits, and back then, you have the added bonus of it going up in value!”

(in today’s market, some towns that huge increases in value have also had huge drops in real estate values.)

Mike Butler had the “real estate bug” and wanted to buy 3 or 4 more houses as he viewed “time” was his biggest resource with real estate. The sooner you buy them, the sooner you get them paid off… so let’s get going and buy a bunch now!”

Mike shared his dream with his wife Tammy and she told him with a firm announcement… “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is not true.” Tammy required Mike to put the brakes on for one year to see how things go with these first 2 rentals.

As a good husband always does, Mike gritted his teeth and caved in allowing their 2 rental houses to show their stuff. After marking his calendar for the special 1 year trial run, Mike was super excited to show Tammy their little real estate bank account had grown to over $8,000 in cash, and it all happened silently, quietly, in the background while Mike worked his job as a police officer and Tammy worked her full time job as a critical care registered nurse.

GREEN LIGHT!  After seeing the results of 2 rental houses for one year, Tammy gave Mike permission to buy a “few” more rental houses.

The rest is history! Mike began his powerhouse real estate investing career and took it to the next level at lightning speed!  This is almost unbelievable, but Mike Butler began buying about 2.5 houses per week while working his full time job.

What’s more amazing, he spent about 5 hours per week doing it with his simple proven system delivering results.

Mike Butler has a proven track record of getting results!

· Police Academy Class President – leader in academics and marksmanship and elected by his peers to be their class president.

· Nominated Officer of the Year several times – Mike began his police career as a uniform police officer and with rock solid dedication to his job, quickly advanced to plainclothes detective and to the elite criminal intelligence unit where he did his long term undercover police detective work. Mike’s work focused on career criminals, contract killings and murder for hire, and criminal organizations. Both prosecutors and police bosses recommended Mike Butler for Officer Of The Year for his superior work in investigations.

– 2 Term Past President of his local reia group KREIA, and still serves on the board today.

· Mike Butler was introduced to his local REIA group by his “discovered by accident mentor” Ed Melton. Mike became very involved and was elected to the board of directors in a few months. A short time later, Mike was elected President and served two terms. He has been on the board for a number of years and is a lifetime member of his local group.

3 years Director National REIA – having been an instrumental part of his local REIA group’s success, which was a nationally recognized reia group to model, Mike was invited and was elected to the board of directors for National REIA. Mike served as a director for 3 years.

· Featured in Money Magazine! Jean Sherman Chatzky Senior Editor telephoned Mike and asked for his permission to be featured in Money Magazine’s article “Can Real Estate Make You Rich?” After much thought and discussion with his wife Tammy, Mike reluctantly agreed to do the story. 

· Authored #1 Best Selling Business Book on Amazon “Landlording On Auto-Pilot” is still selling like hot cakes. This 256 page book has become an operations manual for many investors and property managers across the world.

· Featured Wall Street Journal Radio Network

– Mike Butler is featured and interviewed on radio shows about real estate trends, marketing, and investments.

· Trains Millionaires and Future Millionaires all across America and on International Cruises! Mike is passionate about helping folks achieve real true financial freedom safely by letting your real estate

· Set a Goal To Buy 100 houses in one year (while working his full time job). Mike fell short of his goal by doing only 85 deals and adding another 54 rental properties that same year.

Mike had created and “polished” a very efficient 5 hour per week buying machine.

Mike Butler Has NEVER Gone To A Bank To Buy An Investment Property!

He kept his buying machine turned “ON” for several years because the rewards were INSANE. Using his streamlined buying machine, Mike was able to “Cherry Pick” the killer deals keeping them for himself while selling to other investors for a pretty profit.

Mike Butler is very passionate about his desire to help regular folks like himself, who have a full time job and want real true financial freedom and independence for their family.

Mike Butler’s 3 Day LIVE Investor Training BOOT CAMP “How To Buy Without Banks, Money, Credit, Private Lenders or Partners!”  will show you exactly how you can achieve financial freedom faster and safer while working your job.

Mike said “I sure wish I had an opportunity to have learned from someone like Mike Butler when I was getting started. It would have saved me a ton of time, money, and grief plowing through the school of hard knocks.”

Today Mike Butler has his real estate in Louisville, Ky. Mike enjoys coaching and mentoring millionaires and future millionaires to work smarter and not harder.

How To Buy Without Banks or Money,
Without Credit, Private Lenders, or Partners!

3 Full Days LIVE Investor Training Boot Camp

Reg. $1,997
SAVE $1,000 Now!
Advanced Priority Registration (Early Bird)
expires midnight Sept 10

Only $997
+ Bring Your Study Buddy for an additional $497
Includes HOT LUNCH Buffet!
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Add Your Partner or Spouse “Study Buddy” for an additional $497


Take Action Now Bonus #1

Home Training System Shipped to You NOW!

$1,997 value

Home Training System Absolutely FREE!

 “How To Buy Without Banks, Money, Credit,
Private Lenders or Partners Home Training System”

Take Action Now Bonus #2 

TAX FREE Profit & Income For Life!

( $1,497 Digital Download Now! —  Hard Copy is $1,997)

Take Action Now Bonus #2 

Deal Analysis Review Certificate

30 minute One on One with Mike to Analyze Your Pending Deal ($199)


Early Bird Discount with Bonuses

Only $997

+ Bring Your Study Buddy for an additional $497
Includes HOT LUNCH Buffet!
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