The New One Cut Wonder!

Your Brand New Money Maker and Extra Income for Landlords and Property Managers

Brand Spanking New for both Me & You!

After having recently wrapped up my complete business makeover for my real estate business, including property management side, once again a another simple money maker has been implemented.

Last month while reviewing all of the monthly statements and our monthly resident newsletter, Beth and Shirley made the comment about how challenging it is for new residents to enroll in our Elite Lawn Service Program. This monthly fee is built into their rent. It includes professional lawn care service, leaf removal, and gutter cleaning.

Because we live in Louisville, Kentucky and have four seasons every year, some new residents would grumble and complain that the grass does not grow all year long.

Not so fast Scooter!

In addition to the lawn service, they get their gutters cleaned every year and they get twice a year leaf removal. Either way, this did not take off like I had hoped for.

During this meeting reviewing the resident newsletter, Beth and Shirley both mentioned many residents would like to sign up for one lawn cut without having to commit to a full year.

At that very moment, Vista’s “One Cut Wonder Lawn Service” was born! Without doing anything else, an article detailing the “One Cut Wonder Lawn Service” was explained in detail in the resident newsletter.


Dozens and dozens of residents flooded our website and voice mail inquiring about the service. Hmm, remember the old story about making more money selling pizza by the slice? Same thing here.

POTENTIAL PITFALLS—the Pro’s and Cons.

Let’s take a quick gander at the inner workings of this new money maker.

1. You must have a reliable, dependable, and insured, professional lawn care service providing their service at great discount. For example, my lawn service guy charges $25 to $35 per yard. If the lawns are overgrown and unkept, especially when buying new properties, their fees are higher as expected.

2. Lawns of occupied single family rentals should be well-maintained and trimmed and the pricing is set with this expectation.

3. Oversized Lawns: How can you give a set price for huge lawns etc? You can not. That’s why on the same page there is a “contact office form” to submit questions to the office.

4. Guarantee and Promise of Service:  let just copy and paste the text found on the website here. “Your One Cut Wonder Lawn Service will be scheduled the next business day” No Contract – No Gimmicks – Just a Simple One Time Lawn Service. The Fine Print: This special discount pricing is for lawns already maintained and in normal size and includes professional manicured and trimmed. Should your grass be more than five inches tall, you will be charged an extra $20 because the tall grass causes extra time and labor for the lawn service company. Larger than normal size lawns will cost a little extra. Should you have any questions please complete the form below.

How It Works

Our residents are reminded and encouraged to take advantage of their new “One Cut Wonder Lawn Service” highlighting those things in life that hamper their lawn maintenance schedule. Everything from overtime, birthdays, holidays, sickness in family… you got the idea.

Now you can “pitch” your “One Hit Wonder Lawn Service” almost like a lifesaver. Why a lifesaver? Because, at least in my town, city inspectors issue $100, on the spot fines for lawns taller than 10 inches.

The fee is Only $49 they must pay in advance. No exceptions. This service will save them a $125 fine (we charge 125% of fines caused by tenant) and they still have to cut the grass.

Go take a look at it on our website.

You can get the same page added to your 5M Website.