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Mike Butler began investing in real estate while working his full time job as an undercover police detective investigating murder for hire, contract killings, and organized crime. He began with fixer uppers and renting them.

Mike learned quickly real estate is the way to true financial freedom for his family. He exploded his real estate by buying an average of 2.5 rental properties every week while working his full time job! Mike did this for several years over and over!

Mike Butler knew he must have a brain dead simple system for his booming business and developed his “Investor Friendly” simple Investor Books Pro System™ with Tenant Tracking (the only complete system for Real Estate using QuickBooks Pro®). His proven system allowed Mike to achieve true financial independence safely. In fact, he owned & operated 75+ properties while working his full time job! Then he made a huge decision to hire a “part time” office person to work 5 hours per week in his basement office. Mike Gets Paid Over 100% of his rents every month.

Mike Butler has NEVER gone to a bank to buy an investment property nor has he used a private or hard money lender and started with less than $1,000.

Now Mike Butler works when he wants with plenty of family time and as an investor, speaker, author, coach, and consultant.

Money magazine featured Mike Butler “Can Real Estate Make You Rich?” and authored “Landlording on Autopilot,” #1 Best Seller Business Books on Amazon. Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets list Mike’s book as one of 5 MUST read books for every investor. Mike’s book is the “go-to-training-manual” for thousands of landlords and property managers.

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