True Story, this just came in this morning on our Emergency Hotline


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Instantly, They HATE Your Guts!

I was totally shocked this morning and had to share this with you Mike. In case you did not know, my real estate company provides a “Tenant Finder Service” for rental properties owners in my town. Investors with 300+ units and more use our service on all of their properties. It works!
Our Tenant Finder Service markets their rental unit, shows it, takes and processes applications, and can also handle the entire Move In Process including signing all docs and collecting rent and security deposit.
Yesterday, Beth handled a move in process for a Tenant Finder Home. All was done properly for new tenant orientation and training, monies, docs, keys and owner knew in advance and was informed of his new tenant getting started.
Now SCHOCK and AWE Happened This Morning!
HIs New Tenant called our 24 hr Emergency Hotline reporting his home had no electricity nor any air conditioning. Keep in mind, this is a Saturday morning.
After receiving their 36 second emailed voice message, I was flabbergasted. I quickly forwarded the email voice message to the owner along with a few comments about how this behavior absolutely destroys everything we have done in orientation and training to get them off on a good start with owner.
(fyi, in my town, our electric company takes 3 days to transfer service and each new tenant is informed they have 3 business days to transfer utilities… yes, we used to have them do it before signing, but this is simpler.)
The Owner’s Email Reply:
“I Do Not Pay for Tenant Utilities”
LESSON LEARNED: Clearer Communication with owner is critical and just like a lease, we will be adding another paragraph in our Tenant Finder Service Agreement.

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