Thanks so much Mike!

I LOVED the event and also getting to hear your talk.  As I had mentioned, your book has been like my bible. I read it three times and recommended it to other LLs. I believe it is the BEST Landlording book out there.   At the conference, I was totally surprised to realize that the speaker we were about to hear was YOU!  I felt like I was hearing a celebrity! 

Quite honestly, I think you mentioned somewhere that sometimes we get in a rut and start just doing the same ol’ things and letting some things slip.  My husband and I had really been doing that lately and we were starting to get more lack-luster results.  Your course is going to help us get out of that.  In fact, tonight I am doing the walk-through/lease signing was a new Resident and I will be using your Rent Talk for the first time.  I’m a bit nervous about it, but I think it really will clarify expectations…how can they act like we want them to act, if we don’t tell them??

I also have also added the 3-star resident program to the lease.  I hope that will help get longer term residents.

Mike, thanks again for sharing your knowledge so generously.  I can’t wait to put your system to work! 
– Beth Snyder







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Chattanooga, Tennessee


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