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From Brandon Turner – Bigger Pockets – Best Books on Landlording

Landlording on Auto-Pilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits and Fewer Headaches
by Mike Butler

AutopilotNo author has had a greater impact on my landlording skills than Mike Butler and his book, Landlording on Auto-Pilot. At the risk of sounding over-dramatic, the lessons I learned after reading it are the reason I spend as much time at home as I do – because Butler is all about creating systems to make the landlording process more automated … and they work. There are so many tips in this book that I re-read it every year, just to be sure I’m not missing anything! Whether you are brand new to landlording or you have been renting homes out for decades – buy this book and read it… twice. – Brandon Turner

Recommended For: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Investors



from Amazon Customers



I own $100 million of real estate already-but learned a lot from this
guy! Should be called Landlording StreetSmarts…great tip,

I read many of the books that come out, and should be considered a real
estate veteran, not a beginner, as I own over $100 million of real estate
in the Midwest, mostly apartment communities. I bought the book because
of the title…and really learned a lot from this author. I highly recommend
this to ANY owner or potential owner..large or small…you’ll make back
a thousand times what you paid for this book in the first year of running
your own property!!!       J. Stewart. St. Louis, MO

Best Practical Landlord Book!

   By Stacy Kaat (Wisconsin)

 Mike shares great ideas that are practical for most landlords. He also shares many simple money saving tips. I am going to implement many of his
ideas for my business. Thanks Mike!

Great helpful ideas to simplify landlording

Vanessa Belyea (New Hampshire)

I found this book has some very good common sense ideas to make landlording carefree. Alot of the information can also be used in various other real estate businesses. I have both long and short term properties and really liked the way the author spelled out and broke down each aspect of landlording from screening tenants to handling maintenance.

I highly recommend not only for landlords but business people who want to free themselves and put their business on auto pilot!

Awesome Book-Real Life Solutions 


Thank you Mike for all the great info. You can’t put a price tag on this real life experience and the way it is shared. I truly appreciated it and really enjoyed reading the book

Thanks again 

Landlord Investing is not Scary 

Patrick Hall (Japan)

Some authors, and even some investors, normally advise the routes which lead around the seemingly scary Landlord option. Mike Butler breaks through all of the barriers that many of us relate to Landlords and landlording. I am very pleased with the straight-forward explanations along with his Kentucky humor. Mix this book in with other authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Conti & David Finkel, Michael A. Lechter and Ken McElroy to really spice up your views of investing and take it to a higher level. This book has caused me not only to rethink Landlording as an option, but also opened my mind to owning a multitude of single family homes vice apartments/condos.

Thank you Mike Butler!

Great book for beginning and experienced investors

P. Szanto (Southern California)

The author is an ex-cop who brings a real-world sensibility to property ownership and management. He started investing while working full time, and he is more than willing to share his mistakes so that you can avoid them.

His ideas for handling tenants are the most valuable part of the book.

This is not a treatise on finance. The author is all about cash flow and tax benefits–namely, the bottom line. Bob Bruss, the respected real estate columnist gave this book a good review, and after reading through and implementing some ideas, I am inclined to agree with Mr. Bruss. Buy this book–it’s
well worth it! 


Best Nitty Gritty Real Estate Book That I Have Ever Read 

Indiana – 
Home Buyers Mike W. (Indiana)

There are so many valuable little tips throughout the book that are priceless.

After I would read a page or two, I would call my REI buddys and tell
them what I had just learned and we would discuss the great ideas in the
book. (I learned quite a bit, and I have been an investor for a while)

I you own rental property, buy this book. 


Fantastic Book! 

A Serious Reader, St. Petersburg, Florida

This should be your FIRST book to buy if you are serious about buying
property. It is worth every penny and then some. It’s great to have someone
who’s been there and done that write about their experience. Mike’s advice
will save you from making beginner mistakes and point you in the right
direction every time. His advice is sound and he brings up many items that
the first-time rental property owner would never think of.

Mike also gives you websites where you can download free forms – ones’
which I never thought of before other than the standard Rental Agreement

This is a GREAT READ if you are just beginning in the rental property

Down-to-Earth Advice to a Landlord

Kathy Gerardy, Maryland

Mike Butler’s first published book on landlording provides great advice
to both new and seasoned landlords. The book gives practical advice to
getting rents paid on time and regularly. I’ve been following Mike’s landlording
methods for a few years now and can definitely say that my rent collections
have improved immensely since using his systems. The book gives FREE access
to forms that other “gurus” would charge hundreds of dollars to get. The
book also intersperes landlording advice with overall investing pearls
of wisdom to keep the reading lively and interesting. Since this ex-undercover
detective has been so successful in the real estate investing world, it’s
advice not to be ignored. I really enjoyed the book and remain a big fan. 


5.0 out of 5 stars This is the best book on landlording that I have ever read, December 8, 2015

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This review is from: Landlording on Auto-Pilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits and Fewer Headaches (Paperback)
What a fabulous book! This is the best book on landlording that I have ever read. Some of the things that I found important:
1) – they are not that expensive and you can buy the inside chambers and just switch out your locks between tenants in about 30 seconds flat! Amazing! I now use those in all of my properties.

2) All the forms are on line. He give you a website link to download everything you need to get up and running. He also has you sign up for weekly free seminars that are very helpful. Today’s was about goal setting and how to close out the year (accounting stuff that I have to revisit.)

3) He has all of his prospective tenants sign out keys at his office. They pay a “key” fee and also give their driver’s license before they see the property. I love this idea. I even emailed and called him to ask, “what??” Don’t they destroy your property? Apparently, he’s never had a problem. I will try this! 😉






Makes A GREAT Gift!

Door Prizes for REIA Groups!


Only $24.95

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