DEATH PENALTY for Unpaid Rent? – True Story

The article below was published on April 18, 2016

FYI, in my hometown Louisville, Ky,
a 49 year old landlord murdered by tenant over a 58 utility bill

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Landlord KILLS Tenant
because he did not pay $550 rent

Reineiro Espino Caballero.

Reineiro Espino Caballero. (Miami-Dade County Corrections)

A South Florida landlord is accused of fatally shooting a tenant following an argument over rent.

Police say that late Saturday, 76-year-old Reineiro Espino Caballero went to collect the $550 that 46-year-old Ramon Emilo Gutierrez Castillo still owed him for this April.

Local news outlets report that after the two men argued, Castillo went back into his efficiency apartment and locked the sliding glass door to prevent the landlord from coming inside.

According to police, the landlord went to his adjacent residence, got a gun and returned to Castillo’s apartment. There, he shot through the glass, shattering it. A physical confrontation ensued and the landlord shot the tenant in the face.

Caballero is charged with first-degree murder and armed burglary. Records don’t indicate whether he’s hired a lawyer.


My Town

LOUISVILLE, Ky.A Louisville tenant is behind bars after police said he shot and killed his landlord following an argument over a utility bill.

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Scott Tolle’s father and sister said he was a good stepfather, husband, brother, son and landlord to his tenants.

They said the incident is a cautionary tale for landlords in the area and that they also feel like victims in this case.

“Why over a little bit of money?” said Jill Armistead, the victim’s sister.

Police said Tolle, 49, was shot around 3:30 p.m. Monday after an argument with Anthony Jecker in an apartment on Fegenbush Lane.

The dispute was over an unpaid electric bill.

“At that time, some point later, the suspect came back with a handgun. They got into another argument and that’s the time he fired fatal shots,” said Louisville Metro police Lt. Todd Kessinger.

A bullet hit Tolle in the chest, killing him on the spot.

His father, James Tolle, arrived at the scene moments later. 

“It was just like he was laying there asleep. So peaceful, and I was remembering him,” James Tolle said.

Tolle’s father said the back-and-forth between the two over the electric bill had been going on for weeks.

“The apartment building has one common electric bill and each leasee pays their part and he did not pay his part. His electric was shut off to his apartment,” Kessinger said.

“I always feared for his safety because some of the people that you rent to sometimes are, you know, you don’t what they are,” James Tolle said.

“It hurts me that somebody could be so cruel and not think of what they’ve done to someone. There’s more victims than just him. It leaves the family hurting,” Armistead said.

“I’m just hoping that, praying that God will get me through it,” James Tolle said.

Police said they were able to recover the gun used after Jecker attempted to hide it.

Neighbors said that the utility bill was $58.

Family members said Scott Tolle was also an employee at Frito Lay.

Jecker is scheduled to appear in court again later this month.

His bond was set at $25,000 during his arraignment on Tuesday.

He is charged with murder and tampering with evidence. 

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