Hello Mike,
Yes,  I did receive the video. Thank you. 
I follow what you are doing on the screen. Also (I know it probably is common sense and dumb of me to ask) but you don’t tell us what to do after in Tenant Tracking in regards to the now second payment from the tenant. So I assume that we just enter payment for the fees and bring the tenants balance to zero when the tenant makes payment.  In Investor Books since we now received another payment from the tenant for the bounced check, now we also are to simply just enter another deposit.
Thanks once again for your prompt attention and as always I really enjoy working with you and your system.
Thanks Mike

george, great question (it’s great for me to get feedback as I will up the video)

just follow the chronological order of events.
  • bill tenant
  • payment received.
  • make deposit
  • check bounces
  • enter returned check 
  • bill tenant for bounced check
  • bill tenant for bad check fee
  • bill tenant for late charge(s)
tenant should make a payment again, 
FYI, George is referencing the ODV on demand video

To Your Continued $uccess!
 Mike Butler