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Wealth Building Workshops at Wildwood


Sunday, April 29 


SAVE 50% + more Rehabs, Renovations, & Repairs
with National Expert Pete Youngs

You will see how Pete used his SWAT Rehab system on Carl Fischer’s bad loan deal on a house in Wisconsin. Carl had to foreclose and ended up owning this house. Carl had it listed For Sale for over two years for $50,000 with no luck.

Carl asked Pete for help on this ugly house to get it sold. Pete lives in Atlanta and Carl lives in Florida. They flew to Wisconsin and rented a car.

In 7 days, Pete did his magic with his $7,000 budget. 

Carl sold this house in 3 days for $90,000 after trying to sell it for two years for $50,000.

Pete’s SWAT Rehab system gave Carl an EXTRA $33,000 in profit!

You will see everything in detail, including short videos of Pete’s LIVE action training where you get to view his virtual hands on training how Pete made this happen.

Here’s the BEFORE photo of Carl’s Wisconsin house.

In 7 days and spending only $7,000, Pete’s SWAT Rehab system –
– resulted in Carl selling this house for $90,000
– putting an extra $33,000 in his pocket.
– Remember, Carl had it for sale at $50k for 2+ years with no luck


Doors Open 8:30am Class 9am – 4:30pm’ish
includes work-book and HOT Lunch Buffet!

Only $39   

or 2 for $49

GOLD Members Only $19
DIAMOND and PLATINUM Members attend for FREE

If You Can Not Attend due to a scheduling conflict
or if Event is Sold Out, Mike has you covered!
Simply purchase the video recording on USB Credit Card Flash Drive shown below and we’ll ship it to you within 10 days – FREE Shipping

Get Pete’s SWAT Rehab Full Day LIVE Workshop
shipped to you on this credit card flash drive!

Only $49
Only 100 for this discounted price


Wildwood Country Club in “Minton” room
5000 Bardstown Rd. 
(between Hurstbourne and Breckinridge Lane)
Louisville, KY 40291

Louisville too far to travel? NO PROBLEM!

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Mike, WHY is this Workshop on SUNDAY? 

Great Question! Here’s the short version:

Odds are, you are probably like me. I love workshops, seminars, and boot camps where lunch is included with the workshop. WHY? It’s simple. At lunchtime, just get up and get in line, fill your plate, and sit down now and enjoy super networking and learning from fellow attendees of your workshop.

After this kind of experience, I hated training events where at lunch time, they tell you “Be Back in 60 minutes.” Then you have to go into hurry-up mode, grab fast food, or go to a restaurant and hope you can get back in time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could eat lunch at my own pace, in a comfortable environment, and network with fellow investors and the speaker too? 

As a result, if I personally preferred training events that included lunch with the registration, it always makes me smile.

But how do you host an event with hot lunch included and not have to charge an arm or a leg? Hotels are outrageously expensive. Coffee at a hotel, for example, is around $60 per gallon. Guess who ultimately pays for all of this… Yup, you got it, it is all factored into the price to for you to attend the training event.. You pay for it. 

Knowing all of this… Mike Butler rubbed his “Genie Bottle” again and asked “Where can do a full day LIVE Training Workshop in a very nice venue with hot lunch included in the price?

ANSWER: My country club WILDWOOD solved all of the above issues.

    • Very Nice Venue – SOLVED – all servers wear tuxes
    • includes HOT Lunch buffet – SOLVED
    • allows very affordable and super discounted Registration Fee.
    • WILDWOOD Country Club solved all of the concerns.

If your Wealth Building Workshop were held at a NICE hotel with a hot lunch buffet, your registration fee to attend would be $99 or more – triple the cost of Wildwood. The only drawback to doing LIVE Training events at Wildwood… they are not a hotel. 

Now, Why on Sunday Mike?

Simply put, room availability. The “Minton Room” at Wildwood hosts a ton of events, especially weddings on Saturdays. My daughter, Rachel got married in this same room in 2011.

This room is booked up solid for the next 6 months for weddings. Ugh. Therefore, the only way we can do LIVE Training events is Sunday. Although not my first choice, hopefully, you will agree Sunday is OK with all of the benefits it brings to you. 

NEXT Issue is Lodging: If you live too far from Louisville and would incur extra expenses of travel, airfare, airport food, hotel, rental car, etc., I researched pretty intensely on the way to broadcast LIVE streaming video from the front row in the classroom. I researched FaceBook LIVE, GoToWebinar, and Zoom for LIVE Streaming.

One of these systems will be used to broadcast LIVE streaming so you can sit at home in your underwear with a front row seat! You will receive an email with link and password to attend the LIVE streaming.

“But Mike, I live in California and starting time at 9 am in Louisville is 6 am my time.”
Mike’s response is to take a chill pill. What a small price and inconvenience to pay to save you all of those preventable expenses as mentioned above. ALL Live Streaming attendees will get the workbook in PDF format just like those folks sitting in the classroom. You will also be able to fire in questions.

ALL attendees to this LIVE training workshop will get 30 day access to the video recording of the workshop to help you maximize your learning opportunity.

CHECK THIS OUT!  if you have a scheduling conflict of if this event is SOLD Out,
you can purchase the video recording of this full day LIVE training for Only $49 (limit 100)
all on a Credit Card size USB Flash Drive and you get FREE Shipping too!

Just sayin’   sorry for my “short version” on the why stuff for your LIVE Training Workshop

Mike Butler


Wealth Building Workshops at WILDWOOD Country Club

WILDWOOD Country Club in “Minton” Room
5000 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40299

PLUS Grab Your Early Bird Discount Registration (Reg. $99)

Full Day LIVE Workshop!

Only $39

2 for $49

>>>>  GOLD Members Only $19 <<<<

DIAMOND and PLATINUM Members attend for FREE

If You Can Not Attend due to a scheduling conflict or if Event is Sold Out, Mike has you covered!
Simply purchase the video recording on USB Credit Card Flash Drive shown below and we’ll ship it to you within 10 days – FREE Shipping

Get Pete’s SWAT Rehab Full Day LIVE Workshop
shipped to you on this credit card flash drive!

Only $49
Only 100 for this discounted price


Wildwood Country Club in “Minton” room

includes a workbook and HOT Lunch! 

Attend FACEBOOK “LIVE” Streaming for the same price!

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Part 1 and 2 of Simple 5 Part Bullet Proof Asset Protection System for Real Estate Investors

Tuesday 12 noon eastern

Did you know your Rental Agreement / Lease is usually 10 times stronger than your local laws?  including criminal laws?

Learn how to ENFORCE Your Rental Agreement Violations including Evicting them for the same

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POWER LUNCH Chalk Talk Series

Back by Popular Demand!

00 PowerLunchTues15 – 20 minutes of “Meat & Potatoes” Training for Real Estate Investors

For Gold Members and Inner Circle Members Only
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Question from Scott:

Could you please tell me how many people you expect to have aboard for your Freat Investor Cruise in January 2014? My wife and I are hoping to attend. Wife hasn’t sprung the news to grandparents about watching our son yet..

Here is Your NO HYPE or B.S. Answer Scott. I LOVE Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships “Freedom of the Seas” and newer.

Your 7 Day Seminar at Sea is a BLAST and you can make your Family Vacation an Education Expense for your business. (Mike Grinnan, my CPA says so)

Attendance: It would be great to have 100 or more investors; however, in the real world, it could be anywhere from 30 to 70.

You get 7 days to network with serious investors from all over the USA, Australia and more. These are serious investors, no wanna-be’s or tire-kickers, and everyone is very willing to share their strategies and techniques that worked or failed. YOU are not their competition in their own backyard.

Your 7 Day Seminar at Sea begins at Port Canaveral Florida and you will spend a day at  St. Thomas, home of Megan Bay, St. Maarten, and Cocoa-Cay.

Each “Day at Sea” is your full day Seminar at Sea in a real conference center, not in a bar or lounge.

Just imagine not only classroom sessions, but relaxing on the beach (in January) with one of those cool, refreshing, umbrella in your drink, discussing real estate with investors from all over the world.

Having breakfast, lunch, dinner with me and investors if you wish. It is okay to take a break and let your free room service take care of you on your private balcony overlooking the ocean with breezes, the salty ocean smell and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  You will NEVER get this in a hotel room

TIMING: January is PERFECT to “Sharpen Your Saw” and review your goals from last year along with tweaking and setting new goals for 2014.

I am getting riled up just writing this little note about it. Come on, you will enjoy it and you will get a lot of one on one time in this small intimate group of serious investors.

Although it seems like it is a long way off in the future, it is very important you get your fully refundable deposit in ASAP.

Cost:  from Only $995 pp includes manual, conference tickets, cocktail party and over $1,000 in real estate investor training material in addition to all of wonderful stuff already included cruising on Freedom of the Seas.

for your

Register Now BEFORE RCCL raises the prices.

Call Janis Baker at 1-800-800-7703 ext 113.


It’s Absolutely FREE!

Napkin Blueprint from Chinese RestaurantYou got to read this! it takes only 2 minutes

Yesterday, I had an early dinner (4:15pm) at the August Moon upscale chinese restaurant, but first…

(you can reserve your slot for Thurs, 9pm eastern to see the entire Chinese Dinner Napkin Blueprint revealed)

————————————————————–  <– REGISTER HERE
 (copy and paste in browser)

Ok, here is what happened, blow by blow.

Beth and I were the only customers dining t this time… and then somebody screamed my name across the room. ( at first, I thought it was one of the dirtbags I sent to prison years ago)

Actually it was one of their managers who was super excited to see me! He had been to one of my LIVE investor training events and he got me cornered to ask me questions about the real estate investing business.

His excitement was contagious.
He got me fired up too and my wok-seared salmon with snow peas was ignored..

In a few short minutes, he told me his life’s story and the bottom line was this…

He was foaming at the mouth to get started in real estate, but said he could not until he gets his credit repaired.

My mind EXPLODED!!!!

I proceeded to tell him you do not need good credit to buy real estate.

Then he said, “I do not have cash either”

This guy gave me a HUGE revelation.

This guy is hungry, he is FIRED Up, and wants
to do good for himself, his wife, and his kids…
but, somewhere, somehow, he got hooked into
honestly believing he can not be an investor until these are fixed.

So he sat down and Beth ate her melt-in-your-mouth
mahi-mahi dish while watching this exciting moment happen.

Get this, I asked him for a “To Go” paper napkin  (they had linen napkins)
and i proceeded to scribble down a battle plan for his success with, what he thought, his unique situation…

His face started glowing and you could see from his facial expressions, his body language, that his low self esteem had transformed into a feeling of euphoria!

Then Beth asked me this morning… after showing me this napkin she saved, “Mike, why don’t you do a special webinar on your Chinese Dinner Paper Napkin Blueprint for Buying without Money, Banks, Credit, or Private Lenders?”

I told her I am just too busy right now (sound familiar?) Then she said, “Guess What? So is Everybody Else! This is what you solved on your Chinese napkin.. Look here.” She jerked my chain, and now I am writing you this email.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley… mark your calendar now and join me Thursday evening, tonite.

Reserve Your Slot Now for

“Mike’s Chinese Dinner Napkin Blueprint to Buy Real Estate without Money, Banks, Credit or Private Lenders”
————————————————————  <— CLICK HERE
 (copy and paste in browser)
DATE: Thursday, May 31
TIME: 9pm eastern
     (8 central, 7 mountain, 6 pacific)
LOCATION: Online Webinar and Teleseminar
COST: Zero, Nad-dah, Zilcho!

I was pretty impressed myself with this one.

Make sure you join me for this one I promise, you too, will feel exactly like the August Moon manager.

See you on this new webinar

To Your Continued $uccess!

Mike Butler


25 min GOLD Member Training session with Melissa in North Carolina


Do You have a question or two?

Call Melissa at 502.252.1834

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