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 You could make your own Holiday Rent Coupon
to be a little tightwad

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90 second video shows results of using Mike Butler’s Holiday Rent Coupon properly


Happy Holidays and Here Is Your New Secret Money Maker for Landlords

My BIG Secret Tip to Get Your January Rents PAID Early!

It Works! 

I have been doing it for over 20 years!

If you have tenants and rental properties, this is a NO-BRAINER to make sure your tenants pay next month’s rent early. Step into your Tenant’s shoes for just a moment. Holiday season, cold weather with higher utilities bills, extra expenses for holiday season… gifts for family, kids, etc.

Here is a great, simple, POWERFUL tool to make you look like a wonderful person and at the same time, almost guarantees your rent payment bill gets put on TOP of their bills to pay first or now. The simple version is your very own…
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