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New Tax Law Update on CESA
The new tax law eliminates the right to fund CESAs as of 4/15/18 so any investors wanting to contribute to a CESA MUST do so before 4/15/18.  After that, the only tax savings vehicle available is a 529 which will not allow for real estate investing!!!
Just a heads up.  Spread the word.
Harry Borders
Borders and Borders Attorneys

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Federal Court Approves Class Action on Ohio City’s Illegal Home Inspections


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Tax Update: How Do I Write Off Baseball Season Tickets to My Business?

Code Sec. 162 permits a business to deduct its ordinary and necessary expenses for carrying on the business. However, Code Sec. 274 restricts the deduction of entertainment expenses incurred for business by disallowing expenses of entertainment activities and entertainment facilities. Many expenses are totally disallowed; other amounts, if allowed under Code Sec. 274, are limited to 50 percent of the expense.

The income tax regulations define entertainment as any activity of a type generally considered to be entertainment, amusement, or recreation, such as entertaining at night clubs, lounges, theaters, country clubs, golf and athletic clubs, and sports events, as well as hunting, fishing, vacation and similar trips. There are special rules for the costs of…
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